Hindsight is 20/20

I was recently reading Alex Hillman’s post on co-working as an extension of that great online community coworkers have created.  I love his “full circle” concept.  It really brought the feeling we are trying to create with the people together in my head.

In hindsight, we should have been building this online circle for Cubes&Crayons long before we signed our lease and opened our doors.   But we didn’t.  We worked hard on building a website and finding furnishings and creating a look and feel.  We have it all off line, but opened almost empty.  Ooops!

But hindsight is a great if at times costly learning experience.  After spending all this time reading blogs and being part of numerous online groups, I truly understand it.  I feel immersed in it online and love the concept of bringing that online synergy to the real space.  It is an incredible adventure.  The synergy is the essence of co-working spaces and what makes them truly great.  In some strange way, it reminds me of the ancient days.  With all of this technology connecting us, we are able to work/live anywhere and need that in person contact even more.


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