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Co-working Take

February 22, 2008

Co-working is an amazing opportunity for the isolated to become connected live and in person.  Today, I am part of more yahoo and google groups then I can imagine.  Between entrepreneurship, being a mommy, and co-working there are numerous groups to join.  It is overwhelming at times and inspiring to read it all.

What I love, though, is to see these groups get together in person.  At Cubes&Crayons ( we have co-working but we also provide onsite childcare for those who need it.  So, we have the co-worker who just wants to get something done and meet other people and we have the people trying to manage parenthood and work coming in to work and network with those in a similar position.  It is great to see these people connect in person.

We all talk online to meet like minded all over the globe, but you can’t beet that personal connection.  As they sit with a cup of coffee in the lounge and share business ideas, that sense of community is building.  I love it!  I am there every day doing just that.  And as the owner/founder of Cubes&Crayons, I get the unique satisfaction of being a part of making that growth happen by having a site in which people can connect.  In my opinion, the online world will never quite compare with the face to face interaction.